ei studio™ is a design studio founded on sustainable living. our mission is to maximize by-product values by reimagining their purpose to achieve zero waste.

driven by our shared passion for circularity and innovative approaches, we set out to carve a professional career in the green industry. we specialize in upcycling, reuse, and redesign, prioritizing sustainable practices to reduce our impact to the environment. as we embark on a new venture and still working towards a circular system, we hope to share new perspectives in the form of upcycled items with you.

upcycle represents the way we transform by-products, making them into goods that are of higher quality and with greater values (it’s more than making old stuffs pretty again, it’s about creating desire!). intertwined with our innovative perspectives and minimal aesthetics, we create durable products in minimal environmental impact and premium quality. we aim to deliver products that are unique and classic, with inclusivity being at the heart.

1% of our profit goes directly to the non-profit: 1% for the planet. as we commit to designing for a better and sustainable future, we stand with the organization that aims to develop global green movements and viable solutions.